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Amateur Match is a site that mixes dating profiles of potential mates in your local area with webcam sex shows and other adult content. On the one hand, the site can be very stimulating because, while you are browsing for a date you are likely to stumble across plenty of sexy performers hoping to entertain you online. However, on the other hand, the way they have mixed together content that really is intended for different purposes can become frustrating to sift through as you seek a new adult date for an offline encounter.


Amateur Match does have lots of dating profiles, and the site also offers additional adult content that goes beyond the dating specific genre that other sites limit you to – which can be a very welcome extra set of options to keep you warm on a cold winter night.


The site interface does a terrible job of sorting different kinds of content. If your goal here is to find the adult date you are looking for, it seems they are replacing your goal with their own desire to lead you toward paid webcam live sex shows online instead. What’s disappointing is that if the interface made it easier for you to find dates or find sex shows, people would likely choose both depending on their present mood. Instead the site goes astray and leaves too many would-be dating enthusiasts choosing another community instead.


Amateur Match is an interesting concept for a hybrid dating and adult webcam platform. The site does have plenty of positives, but with so much content the interface really does become the central part of your user experience – and the vague way it leads you to alternative browsing of other services leaves a lot to be desired.

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