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Sex Search has one of the sexiest signup forms ever imagined. As soon as you visit the site you are greeted by a video model who asks you a series of questions to help you create your own free account. Best of all, she starts stripping off her clothes and continues as you move your way through each step of the survey from your likes and location to your birthday and desired screen-name. You’ll be a new member before you know it and well on your way to a hot hookup with a sexy playmate from their huge database of desirable dating enthusiasts.


The tour really is a great strength of the site. If you have ever gone through a long tiring survey process on another dating site that felt more like an academic exam than an exciting way to meet new people, you’ll really appreciate the fun and flirtatious way Sex Search mixes their spokesmodel with the signup forms to keep things fun and entertaining as you join up to see even more inside the site itself.


Sex Search is another adult dating site that seems to have a somewhat limited directory of towns and locations in their search system. In New York for example, many major towns are not listed – even though they have large populations and profiles inside that include people from those places. That means your searches have to be a bit broader in some instances and finding someone ten minutes away rather than 25 minutes away can be a more challenging manual process than it should have been… especially for a site like Sex Search which has the word Search right inside their own brand name!


Sex Search has one of the best signup systems we have ever seen, and a large community of sexy people worthy of meeting for your next erotic encounter. Unfortunately it feels like they have put a lot more time and effort into their signup tour than they did in their own member community area. A better search with more detail and specific town names would be a very welcome improvement, as would a higher level of transparency allowing visitors to browse the members area before signing up themselves.

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