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Back in the days before the internet, women cheated on their husbands and men had mistresses, so the nature of having extramarital affairs or casual sex with singles hasn’t changed much at all. What has changed entirely is the technology available to make it easier and more fun than ever before. XXX Black Book replaces the notion of a little black book full of phone numbers that used to help you get laid, with a fully functional online rolodex of profiles with pictures and more to assist you in meeting fresh new faces for the erotic intimacy your crave without any remorse.


The XXX Black Book service is entirely anonymous and secure, so your friends, family or co-workers won’t know what you are up to. Unless your spouse signs up for their own membership, your marital cheating secrets are safe on this site. It only takes a few minutes to set up your own adult dating profile so that you can begin searching for sexy people in your local area who are ready for their next hot online dating hookup. Best of all, XXX Black Book has a unique user rating system that lets members rate each other so anyone you meet has already been vetted by the other members they have hooked up with in the past. That’s a great feature to help weed out the fakers from the real guys and girls who put out exactly what their profiles promise!


XXX Black Book is a site that does everything pretty well but doesn’t do anything exceptionally great. Because the site features a general collection of people in its community without any narrower niche, the tends to not be a shared sense of community as singles seek their own intimate connections. Yes, the site is good for finding your next adult date, but there just isn’t any sense that the site itself is a fun place to hang out with friends between romantic interludes.


The XXX Black Book website is a powerhouse in the adult dating market online because it provides free access to all the tools and profiles a new adult dating fan could want. The crowd-sourcing aspect of the site that allows members to rate each other is also an important innovation that will undoubtedly get picked up by other sites soon enough. The only shortcoming of the site, and it’s a small nit-picky sort of thing, if that the site doesn’t foster any kind of camaraderie or socializing with members on the site itself beyond the singular individual dating communication that goes on privately.

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