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Having been called “The Google of online dating” by The Boston Globe, “The best free dating site” by About.com, “A favorite hangout for internet goers” by The Village Voice and earning praise from millions of satisfied online datingenthusiasts since 2003, OK Cupid is the completely free dating site that can put you in touch with the best potential playmate for your next date.


OK Cupid uses a simple set of personal profile questions and quizzes to help find high quality matches for you. Other sites may be glorified personals services that let people claim whatever they want without doing any actual matchmaking, but OK Cupid puts your profile information to use by suggesting the singles you seek with the highest probability of dating success.


The OK Cupid site tour is very sparse, even by dating site standards. A quiz window and pretty much nothing else to greet you. They don’t even let you see sample profiles until after you have signed up.


OK Cupid is a very good free dating site that really has done itself a disservice by having such an empty tour landing page. When you arrive at the site it seems cold and unfriendly, which is the opposite of the way the community makes you feel when you login as a free registered member. The site has plenty of possible matches for you and a effective matchmaking software running to help you find the perfect date, but you wouldn’t know it if you just happened to stumble upon the site on your own. It takes a leap of faith to get the most out of OK Cupid , but it’s a leap worth taking.

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