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Interracial Cupid is one of the newest dating sites on the Cupid Media Network. That means the site has plenty of advantages and disadvantages based on its relationship to a much larger corporate network of dating sites. Yes, the site is professionally managed and has all the newest technological advancements – but the site also lacks the focused identity other interracial dating sites have built over the years.


As part of the Cupid Media Network, Interracial Cupid benefits from all the experience that Cupid has earned over the years by building and servicing so many different dating site communities. You can also be sure as dating sites continue to evolve, this one will keep pace with all the new ways dating people want to connect online.


Interracial Cupid is actually part of the Cupid Media Network. While the site tour is proud of the fact that it gives you access to more than 20 million dating profiles across the whole network, many of those are not people interested in the interracial dating community specifically.


The best part of Interracial Cupid is that it stands for the fact that plenty of people in general dating site databases are also interested in interracial dating now that the world has become a much more progressive place. However, the site really is more of a specific gateway to the Cupid network than anything else. If you have never been a member of a cupid dating site, this is an excellent choice, but if you have then you might find many of the same people inside Interracial Cupid that you already knew from a previous dating site experience via another of their dating site portals.

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