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Seeking Millionaire is an elite dating site for rich men (making over $100,000 a year) and the beautiful women that want to date them. Seeking Millionaire has been featured in many popular mass media news outlets as one of the best online dating sites available to the rich, wealthy, classy and attractive set. Why date the ordinary when Seeking Millionaire can set you up with the extraordinary! Real wealthy men and beautiful women await you at Seeking Millionaire.


Seeking Millionaire is a sleek and polished site that is easy to navigate and use. They classify their members in one of two ways. There are the “Attractive” members typically younger and attractive men and women that want to date millionaires. Membership for “Attractive” members is always free. Then there are the “Wealthy” members. Clearly these are rich men and women that want to meet either “Attractive” members or “Wealthy members”. “WealthyMembers” can set up a free trial and based upon their positive experience, they are able to upgrade to a premium membership. The site has an excellent description and FAQ page allowing prospective members to get a good idea of how the site works and what it is all about.


For some, Seeking Millionaire may have a few too many rules. For example, “Attractive” members can only meet “Wealthy” members. But “Wealthy” members may meet either “Wealthy” or “Attractive” members. The $100,000 plus requirement to become a “Wealthy” member may be too high for some people to join but keep in mind this is Seeking Millionaire so a net worth of $1,000,000 is pretty reasonable.


Seeking Millionaire is definitely and elite online dating service and a successful one at that. They are very clear in defining their target market, which allows them to be so successful at what they do. If you are a man or woman making over $100,000 a year and you want to meet other attractive or wealthy men and women, Seeking Millionaire is a great online space for you to do it in. They directly cater to the rich and attractive so this is what you can expect to find on their site, exclusively.

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