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Chemistry is one of the leading online dating communities that matches people up based upon their answers to their customized personality test. Chemistry’s philosophy is that you don’t just want to go on dates but that you want to go on great dates and that is where they come in. All members answer their basic personality test then Chemistry gets to work behind the scenes as they send you personalized and carefully selected profiles that match what you are looking for. Now it’s up to you to see if the chemistry is there!


Chemistry is an offshoot to the company Match, which is in the top tier of dating sites so Chemistry does dating right. Their personality test is fun to take and it offers you an introspective look at yourself and what you may potentially be looking for in a mate. Over 8,000,000 members have already taken the test so you have a pretty good shot at finding potential great dates, like the website advertises. Chemistry will help to get the dating ball rolling for you by sending you information on people they think you have the potential to click with which is great for members that have trouble making the first move. Flirting in encouraged but Chemistry also goes through great lengths to ensure that your privacy is kept private. They are also supportive of same sex dating so gays and lesbians are welcome!


A membership to Chemistry will cost you. They have various membership plans but none of them are free. But, they put out a premier product that cuts out much of the nonsense that you find on the free online dating sites.


Chemistry is a fun place for single men, women, gays and lesbians to meet each other online. Their personality test takes a lot of the guesswork out of who you will click with. Chemistry is an excellent site for people that find it hard to make the first move and with such an active online community, Chemistry undoubtedly will increase your chances at finding dating opportunities in your area.

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